It’s just a big ferry port with lines of trucks on a huge concrete area. At the nearest corner taverna was good seafood. Thrapsalos – baby squid.

Water pressure and taste good so all filled up. strong n wind so diagonal warp added.  Not a holiday place, so off we went asap.


Water tank for drink

POROS we liked and being Cephalonia has abundant good water. Our drinking tank shown below…no plastic water bottles on shearwater

Anchoredseveral days shown at yellow arrow. First time in we swerved about in high wind and avoiding shallow depth zones.” Only silt …”


Owain and later Linda liked the pirate bar.

Eating at Columbus taverna gave a harbour view , excellent tuna and seafood linguine. Wine by the jug from a friend said martin. Natalie, half Russian Ukrainian told us sad things. The war is grinding slowly at 6 months.

Very noisy nights with trucks in ferry queue. Looked forward to returning upwind to Ithaca. Turned out calm.



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