From POROS where Linda caught the ferry we sailed at 6 knots close hauled to KASTOS on one tack. Brilliant sailing fresh breeze, arrived September 1st. It’s warm with NO jellyfish.


Just us two again in rosé bay as we call it. The beach taverna has its own bottles. 

KASTOS view for shearwater

But on arrival just as we got one long stern line on at the beach an Israeli cat barged in between us and the next boat. We were aground during the incident but only gently. Next morning we re anchored pronto as they left. That’s sailing. ….

Storm coming

Next day the clouds with lightning and thunder took away the blue sky we have enjoyed for 6 weeks.


Earlier this alien had landed on us. KASTOS has small farms and a shop in the old olive mill. Mostly we walked up to the windmill for coffee 

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