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We are in what Jamie and his friends called Posh bay! “Aptly named as full of posh restaurants and shops and heaving with day trippers.
 It’s very pretty  and we are anchoring for free (as per normal we haven’t yet paid for a mooring in Greece! ) across the bay as we get a good view of the 100’s of boats and small town/village.
Life is very lazy encouraged even more so by a hacking cough I have picked up. so days are made up of meals with gaps for swimming sleeping x words and reading or a coffee trip and food shop. We generally stay 2 nights in each bay so I don’t even have to press the anchor button to pull the anchor up very often!
Cephalonia on the east coast where we are now is mainly wooded with pine trees which smell divine And lots of goats with bells. Often the only sounds are goat bells and cicadas.  The night skies are amazing with the milky way.
The water is crystal clear and turquoise and swimming is perfect.
We took 10 days to leave the port of argostoli partly as we had completely run out off gas (thank you Jamie! !)  and it took 5 days to obtain some and then as it blew a gale for a few days and the seas got too big for us!
The bay had lots of turtles swimming around which was delightful.  They go there apparently to mate. And there is a lot of flipper waving involved. I never knew turtles could flirt.
We moored in the unfinished marina which was out of town half a mile across a causeway which provided free mooring. The walk into town was very pretty along the causeway which in the evenings provided an Italian style passagiato of Greek families strolling in the evening heat. Sheryl and David joined us there and spent their entire week there which was a shame as we didn’t manage to show them all these lovely bays. But it’s the risk you take in joining shearwater for a holiday! !
Needless to say we escaped argostoli the day they left us. And after 8 hours of motoring we got to soapy bay (named by Jamie cos his friend’s girl friend washed her hair there and they left in a hurry of soap bubbles! ). Two night’s there and 4 re-anchoring attempts. Lovely to be in clear water. And as it was on the southern tip of ithaca David was able to imagine Odysseus’ palace there.
A cracking sail from there hitting 7 knots (fast for shearwater!) to eu …(not visited by Jamie so named cake bay by us) a delightful town where we filled up with diesel and supplies and spent two nights anchored in the bay.
Named cake bay as our morning coffees where in a cafe which on the first day gave 2 slices of gorgeous cake per coffee!! This guaranteed our patronage for the next 3 mornings although sadly the cake ratio went down to 1 slice per coffee.
We attempted one afternoon departure tracking north into the head wind exciting for a short while and then the small steep waves kept stopping it’s in our track do wee gave up and sailed down wind to a pretty bay for a swim and then back to cake bay. Hoorah more cake.
left before the wind the next day to motor gently north. Actually rather nice as it meant we kept close to shore and enjoyed the scenery.
And so to boat bay / wasp bay where our wall trap must have caught 100 wasps. One quiet night followed by a rolly night as the  swell from a wind further north caught us.


Into posh bay (fiskardi) in time for coffee and a stroll before Scottish conditions rolled in and we played add extra mooring ropes in the rain! But it doesn’t last long here.
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