From Corfu to Bari -septmber 2023

  1. Italy welcomes us ! Over 200 miles motor sailing north against the swell and wind was hard work at times. The indomitable Louisa and Jamie  did it with Julie from Norway. All transatlantic sailors but this was upwind…

While they did some overnight passages we took a week’s bike ride round south Puglia. We all like Lecce for the stunning baroque buildings. And met up to change Shearwater back to us for the last leg at monopoli – a castle and back streets full of Italian holiday fun a d food.

At Bari, writing this, there are some days of boat jobs in the ranieri family owned yard. We have ordered large amounts of work to re-fix windows and hatches….

  • We expect to return next summer and explore Croatia. Above is a selection of highlights from the past four exciting weeks….


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